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Book cover for Linoubliable, by Lou Beauchesne


By Lou Beauchesne

la courte échelle

“With Linoubliable, Lou Beauchesne gives life to an irresistible character. Mimi, 14, grieves her sister, who died at birth, through letter she writes to her. In her search for truth, she shares the hazards of everyday life with emotion, humour and clarity. Linoubliable is a breathtaking work that stands out due to its poetic and bold writing.”

—Peer assessment committee: Danièle Simpson, Cheyda Haramein and Jean-François Sénéchal


Dear Linou. This is how Mimi begins every letter she writes to the little sister she never knew. Letters typed on an old typewriter in which she tries to untangle the roots to the past and the events that led their family to the breaking point. Letters in which she confides her feelings, too. Her friendships, her budding love interests and the things she dares not say aloud. With words that are sometimes funny, sometimes heartrending, that help her define her and free herself from a secret she has kept for too long.

Headshot of Lou Beauchesne.


Lou Beauchesne is an author and illustrator. As a child, she made little books she would then sell on the street—and she would like to thank the neighbours who encouraged her at the time. Time passed… and la courte echelle publishing house offered her her first student job. There she met talented authors and illustrators and dreamed of working alongside them one day. In university, she studied visual arts and graphic design. Since then, she has never doubted her career choice; she writes, draws and animates her stories with as much pleasure as when she was a little girl. She lives in Montréal, Quebec.

Photo: Chantale Lecours

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