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Le tendon et l'os by Anne-Marie Desmeules

Le tendon et l’os

By Anne-Marie Desmeules

L'Hexagone, Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature; distributed by Messageries ADP


A collection without pretence on the ambivalence of the relationship between a mother and her young child. Between mutual dependence and rapture, between unconditional love and the feeling of living a form of parasitism, the narrator describes—not without humour—the darkness that seeps into motherhood.

“This hard-hitting collection expresses the unsaid and the taboo feelings a mother experiences. Raw, shocking, savage, disturbing and unprecedented, the collection is a brilliant lament on motherhood whose striking imagery will leave you speechless. The book is flawless, down to the juxtaposed voices in a call-and-response pattern. Anne-Marie Desmeules addresses the harrowing paradox of the love-hate relationship a mother has with this thing growing inside of her that takes over everything.”

Peer assessment committee: Nora Atalla, Maggie Roussel, Christian Roy

Anne-Marie Desmeules
Anne-Marie Desmeules
Photo: Michel Paquet

Biography: Anne-Marie Desmeules

Anne-Marie Desmeules holds a master’s degree in literature and is part of the new generation of emerging poets. She has taken part in creating several literary shows and been published in various periodicals. A finalist for the Prix de poésie de Radio-Canada 2018, she is also the author of Cette personne très laide qui s’endort dans mes bras (L’Hexagone, 2017). Born in Montréal, Anne-Marie now lives in Lévis, Quebec.

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