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Le droit du plus fort : nos dommages, leurs intérêts by Anne-Marie Voisard

Le droit du plus fort : nos dommages, leurs intérêts

By Anne-Marie Voisard

Les Éditions Écosociété; distributed by Diffusion Dimedia


This work was inspired by a lived experience, but it does not take the form of testimony. Nor is it an excuse—through the backdoor channels of writing—to re-open two trials that were left unfinished by out-of-court settlements. The Noir Canada affair deserves to be analyzed because it is symptomatic of the social violence exerted by the judicial system and exposes, in a paradigmatic form, the strategic role played by the law on the contemporary map of power relations and domination. It is the genesis for a reflection on the perversions and contortions of a system that organizes a deferment of justice to service the least blameless ends—the right to avoid the law. After all, might makes right.

“A brave, brilliantly presented work supported by a diversity of sources and written in solid and nuanced language. A profound reflection on a hot topic that addresses the perversions and distortions of law and the power and domination dynamics of the judicial sphere. This is an emotional and lucid story, an admirable, politically engaged book that resonates like a cry for help.”

Peer assessment committee: Louis Hamelin, Rachida M’Faddel, Paul Savoie

Anne-Marie Voisard
Anne-Marie Voisard
Photo: Nathalie Carrier

Biography: Anne-Marie Voisard

Anne-Marie Voisard is a professor at Cégep de Saint-Laurent’s humanities department. Her master’s degree focussed on the legal repression of free speech. She is currently working in critical theory of law and censorship in the literary world. Anne-Marie was in charge of legal affairs at Écosociété from 2008 to 2013, when the Noir Canada lawsuit was underway. Le droit du plus fort (also a finalist for the 2019 Prix des libraires du Québec) is her first non-fiction work. She lives in Montréal.

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