Governor General's Literary Awards

L'importance de Mathilde Poisson

L'importance de Mathilde Poisson

By Véronique Drouin

Bayard Canada; distributed by Hachette



When her father left, young Mathilde dropped out of college to support herself and her mother, who has become an alcoholic. She works as a cashier in a grocery store, where she suffers the bad temper of a superior who harasses her relentlessly. Unable to take it anymore, she decides to put an end to what has become a living hell. But then, at the last minute, a boy stops her. Dressed in white, he calls himself Mot, and obviously enjoys a confrontation. Unsure whether he is an angel or a demon, Mathilde resolves to shake off this strange character who dogs her footsteps and forces her to challenge her own thinking.

“With an agitated but effective writing style that has a humorous edge, Véronique Drouin’s L’importance de Mathilde Poisson immerses us in the questioning of adolescence. Despite the dark theme, this novel is full of light. Life becomes easier to live when we learn to love ourselves.”

- Peer assessment committee

Véronique Drouin
Véronique Drouin


Véronique Drouin wins her first Governor General's Literary Award in 2017. After studying industrial design, visual arts and art history, she switched to illustrating books for young people and then to writing novels. Her first series, L'archipel des rêves, was based on a short story she wrote in high school. The second volume of this series was a finalist for the Quebec grand prize for fantasy and science fiction in 2006. She has illustrated many of her novels, including the Robin Sylvestre series, a finalist for the Hackmatack Award (2012). Véronique Drouin has also written a book for adults – La Chatière – and, under the pseudonym M.V. Fontaine, the post-apocalyptic science-fiction series Amblystome. She was born in Montreal in 1974, and currently lives in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Photo: Martine Doyon

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