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Havre by Mishka Lavigne


By Mishka Lavigne

Les Éditions L'Interligne; distributed by Prologue


Havre is the story of Elsie, who has just lost her mother. It is also the story of Matt, who is looking for traces of his past. It is the story a huge hole that opens up in the road and what was lying around the car that crashed at the bottom.

After Cinéma, a play that won the prix Québec–Ontario 2017, Mishka Lavigne has written Havre, a story about loss, absence and emptiness, but also about the encounters we make when we need them the most, the people we rely on when everything falls apart—havens where we can weather the storm.

“Mishka Lavigne’s remarkable ability to tie together all the bits and pieces of a story, to inject her characters with a poetry that is meaningful and communicable, her rhythm, her music and the great simplicity of her imagery betray a singular force of contemplation. Havre’s main character, Elsie, does not embrace her sorrow; this serves as a way to better open us up to our own, however it manifests, and to enable us to fully and freely feel a catharsis through hope."

Peer assessment committee: Normand Canac-Marquis, Miriam Cusson, Talia Hallmona

Mishka Lavigne
Mishka Lavigne
Photo: Jonathan Lorange

Biography: Mishka Lavigne

Before writing Havre, Mishka Lavigne penned the plays Cinéma and Vigile. She has also written a play in English, which is entitled Albumen. Her work Copeaux is scheduled to be staged in Ottawa in March 2020. She has also translated more than a dozen plays and poems, both in French and in English. Lavigne lives in Gatineau, Quebec.

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