Governor General's Literary Awards

De synthèse

De synthèse

By Karoline Georges

Éditions Alto; distributed by Diffusion Dimedia



One woman stands still in the window of her suburban home, feeling the weight of death in the hollow of her stomach. The other woman plunges into her computer screen, seeking to transform into her digital avatar, an image in search of the absolute. The first woman gave birth to the other, who is now hoping to be reborn in a virtual body, far from the sadness that permeates the family home. A narrative of luminous lucidity capable of spurring awareness and touching souls, De synthèse is about a mother-daughter relationship from the point of view of an image-woman renewing her ties with her family as her mother enters the terminal phase after a long struggle with illness. It is a story about the body, disappearance, reflections, composition and decomposition. It is the story of an image to be perfected, beyond the disaster of the flesh.

"In this unique story dedicated to mothers, the narrator creates an avatar in an attempt to cope with her pain. Karoline Georges skilfully weaves the real and the virtual in with the complexity of family, while describing solitude and the representation of the body with astonishing insight. With its intelligent and efficient prose, De synthèse transcends all genres."

Peer assessment committee: Martine Batanian, Carole David, André Girard

Karoline Georges
Photo: Yannick Forest


After studying film (UQAC) and art history (UQAM), Karoline Georges began a multidisciplinary artistic career, including video, sound art, photography, literature, and, more recently, 3D modelling. She is the author of seven books, including Sous béton (Alto), which has just been published by Gallimard in the Folio SF collection and was a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec 2012. De synthèse, her latest novel, won the Jacques-Brossard prize, the Aurora Boréal prize, and the Arlette-Cousture prize. In 2012, she received the Prix à la création artistique from Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. She lives in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

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