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Book cover for Chasse à l’homme by Sophie Létourneau

Chasse à l’homme

By Sophie Létourneau

La Peuplade

“A performance text written with great finesse and quasi-prescient clarity, where the amplitude of denounced violence is measured against love for literature. This seemingly playful feminist book with presupposed lightness has a disconcerting depth that defuses the reductive gazes that are still aimed at women’s writing.”

—Peer assessment committee: Simone Chaput, Daniel Grenier, Olivia Tapiero


There was always this idea that the next book would come along with the next lover. In 2008, Sophie Létourneau visited a fortune teller who predicted that she would meet the love of her life thanks to a book. But in order to get there, she had to move to Paris, have an affair with a small Frenchman and travel to Asia. Like a necklace of fragments, Chasse à l’homme tells the true story of the auspicious coincidences that punctuated this quest. This book is a celebration of the power of words and a love confession to literature—a enquiry into a story to be continued. This book embraces girls, their desire to be loved and to surpass the myth of the “great man” to become a woman writer.

Headshot of Sophie Létourneau


Sophie Létourneau is a writer and, since 2012, a professor at Université Laval’s department of literature, theatre, and film. She has a keen interest in French, Quebec, and American literature based in reality. To date, she has published four books: Polaroïds, Chanson française, L’été 95 and Chasse à l’homme, the first to be published by La Peuplade and a finalist for the Prix littéraire des collégiens. Sophie Létourneau lives in Québec City.

Photo: Laurence Grandbois Bernard

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