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Au péril de la mer

Jury Statement

Au péril de la mer pays tribute to Mont-Saint-Michel, a place of refuge for books and men, and the backdrop for this story about a painter who falls in love with his model. Dominique Fortier's skilfully crafted work at the crossroads of knowledge reflects on the the art of different eras, from the 15th century to the present.


Au péril de la mer

By Dominique Fortier

  • Book Details
  • Published by Éditions Alto; distributed by Diffusion Dimedia
  • ISBN: 978-2-89694-225-1
Dominique Fortier

Dominique Fortier

Photo: Julie Artacho

Who is Dominique Fortier?

Dominique Fortier wins her first Governor General’s Literary Award in 2016 with Au péril de la mer. She is a writer, reviser, translator and editor with a Ph.D. in French literature from McGill University. Her first novel, Du bon usage des étoiles (2008), was a GG Books finalist, and won the Prix Gens de mer at the Étonnants voyageurs festival in Saint Malo. Since then she has published Les larmes de saint Laurent, La porte du ciel, Au péril de la mer and, with Nicolas Dickner, Révolutions. The rights to her novel La porte du ciel have been purchased by Éditions Les Escales and it will be published in France in January 2017. Dominique Fortier was born in Quebec City and lives in Montreal.