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Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

Jury Statement

In his exquisite Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive, Mark L. Winston distills a life’s devotion to the study of bees into a powerful and lyrical meditation on humanity. This compelling book inspires us to reevaluate our own relationships both with each other and the natural world. Vital reading for our time.


Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

By Mark L. Winston

  • Book Details
  • Published by Harvard University Press; distributed by TriLiteral
  • ISBN: 978-0-674-36839-2
Mark L. Winston, Vancouver, BC

Mark L. Winston, Vancouver, BC

Photo: Belle Ancell

Who is Mark L. Winston?

Recognized as one of the world’s leading expert on bees and pollination, Mark L. Winston has had an illustrious career researching, teaching, writing and commenting on bees and agriculture, environmental issues and science policy. A widely respected educator, he directed Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue for 12 years and has shared his expertise in columns in the Vancouver Sun, New York Times, The Sciences, Orion, and in radio and TV for the CBC and the U.S. National Public Radio. The author of six books on subjects related to bees, he wins his first Governor General’s Literary Award in 2015 with Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive (2015). Mark L. Winston is based in Vancouver, B.C.